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period-proof underwear that works

i got my period when i was 12, a month before my 13th birthday, and went on birth control when i was in high school because my symptoms were so severe that no amount of advil or time with the heating pad would help. some days i couldn’t even make it to school. the only thing i could to to escape the pain was sleep, and sometimes it was so painful i couldn’t even do that.

i’ve been wearing THINX period panties for close to 5 years now and every month when i pull them out of my drawer, i am so happy they exist. periods suck, but these make them suck less. instead of feeling gross with a pad or in bloodstained granny panties reserved specifically for my time of the month (did anyone else do this too?), i actually feel sexy in my THINX!! what! I love being able to cuddle with my boyfriend at night and not feel like i’m wearing a diaper.

srsly feel so cute and comfortable and confident in them that i was able to do a photoshoot in my undies to show ‘em off! (these are the organic cotton briefs.)

owning THINX feels like an act of self love. while i’m still attracted to minimalism, there is still a lot of excess in my closet, but these are not one of them. these are essential. i have six pairs and zero buyers remorse. and extra brownie points for them being good for the planet as well.

and because my friends at THINX are sooo amazing, they’ve gifted us with a $5 off coupon code (cue angels singing in perfect harmony) Use MADISEN5 at checkout to save on your panties. you also save more the more you buy! And if you want even more info about why I love them, check out my previous blog post that includes a Q&A and #menstruatingfacts.

customize a cycle set

10% OFF when you buy 3 pairs or more
15% OFF when you buy 5 pairs or more
20% OFF when you buy 7 pairs or more

love you & love THINX.
& i hope you love both of those things as much as i do!



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