meet finley!

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I adopted the sweetest little 1-year-old chi! We'd been going to local adoption events and obsessively checking for the past couple months, knowing we wanted to rescue a dog, but we wanted make sure we were doing it responsibly. Finally, this past weekend, we felt like we were ready. We stopped by an event to meet a dog we'd seen on Petfinder, but as soon as we got there, we saw Finley (then 'Bullet') and fell in love! The next day, his foster parents brought him over and he instantly made himself at home. The boys have had a ball playing together. Finley is the stereotypical annoying little brother and Kanye has done a pretty good job putting up with his antics. Angel, on the other hand, will have none of his bullshit. She puts him in his place, but when he's not being an irritating little puppy, she lets him cuddle up beside her, which is so darn sweet! I don't think we could've gotten a more perfect dog. He is so well behaved. He listens, knows how to 'sit,' is (mostly) potty-trained, and soooo cuddly! His tail is always wagging and his puppy energy is so fun. 

Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, approximately 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats. Each year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats). 

It's so tempting to stop by a pet shop with those little designer puppies scratching on the glass, waiting to be taken home, but just think of all the dogs and cats in shelters. Their lives depend on being adopted. Ask yourself... is the breed of your best friend really that important? If you do want a particular breed, you can search for it on, and they almost always have the one you're looking for. Especially if you're patient and check back every couple weeks. Italian Greyhound, Frenchie, Dalmatian, Cockapoo. Hypoallergenic, too! They're all there! And sooo many puppies! Plus, the adoption fee is usually tax deductible. Finley's fee was just $300—neutered, microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated, and ready to go. There are so many positives of adopting a rescue. Dogs do not need to be bred in a world where there are so many in shelters waiting to be adopted, and thousands euthanized daily. There's nothing like a bond between a rescue and a rescuer. It is so rewarding.

Angel, my 12-year-old Yorkie, was adopted from a breeder for a whopping $1,000. I love her to pieces and I wouldn't change a thing because she has been there for me through thick and thin, but I will never adopt from a breeder again. For one, the breeder lied about her breed (she's not full Yorkie, but a mix of Yorkie and Silky... which makes the steep price even more unfair.) Two, $1,000 is just... insane. A quick Petfinder search brought up a puppy Yorkie for $400 (microchipped, neutered, vaccines, and deworming.) There's just so many reasons to #adoptdontshop!

Okay, rant over. Back to gushing over Fin. I am so in love with him. He sleeps under the covers with us in our bed, and gives so many kisses, and prances the entire time on our walks. He chases his tail. He follows me around everywhere (even into the bathroom.) He plays so hard with his toys that sometimes they go flying behind the couch and he has to crawl underneath to get it. I feel so lucky to be his mama and I can't wait to love him for the next (hopefully) 15+ years.

take care,

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