postcard poems

postcard poems


Each postcard is one of a kind, imperfect, and made with love; typed on my vintage Smith Corona typewriter, decorated with lovely little ink stamps from Cavallini and Stamp Yo Face! Stick your postcard on your fridge, mirror, or bedside table―someplace where these words will encourage you each and every day. Send one to a friend, a lover, to remind them that they are cared for.

I will write a little note of encouragement to you from my heart on the backside. It will be whatever comes to me; maybe words I feel you need to hear, or something I'm learning myself. You can leave me a note during checkout if you'd like me to touch on anything specific.

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Currently, there are eight poems/excerpts to choose from.

Poem 1

you can either let
it eat you up inside, or
you can conquer it

Poem 2

i hope you take the time to be still,
to quiet your mind and experience the beauty
of simply being 

Poem 3

you are not
where you are from
you are
where you’re going

Poem 4

there is so much more me
for me to become

each day, I am new

Poem 5

it is your choice to decide
whether to drown in your troubles
or to courageously survive

Poem 6

but soon,
my time will come
and my eager feet
will carry me to a place where
hope fills my lungs and
i’ll breathe with ease

Poem 7

let the flowers
bloom all around me
as i leave an imprint
in the grass

Poem 8

some things like rain in april
and popsicles on the fourth of july
are meant to be
i hope the same goes for you and me 

In a world full of shallow interactions, I have found that personal connection is so important. I wish I could spend quality time with each and every one of you. I wish we had more than superficial encounters over the internet―quick tweets and Instagram posts that only shed a bit of light on who we really are.

We both know the power of words―their ability to lift us up, inspire us, understand us. So often I'll read books and poems that say things I already knew, but reading them once more gave me the little push I needed to move on, to step up, to let go. My hope is that these little encouragements will do the same for you.

Take care,



Many thanks to Claire Michelle & Lang Leav for inspiring this little poetic love project.

All orders are aimed to be shipped out within 1-5 business days of when the order was placed. However, due to a high volume of orders and the personal nature of these postcards, an ETA cannot be guaranteed. Thanks so much for your patience.

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